Welcome to my first WordPress blog.

I have blogged elsewhere but never managed to maintain the momentum. As a result I have decided to  start over and at the same time learn about WordPress.

This blog is likely to cover a range of subjects that are of interest to me and perhaps other people as well. These include the changes that are about to be made to policing in England and Wales and the introduction of Police and Crime Commissioners.

I find the economic crisis and chaos that is currently never far from the news and the politics that accompany it all very scary and at the same time  fascinating and constantly wonder how this mess was created and whether in reality capitalism as we know it will survive.

I am interested in learning, elearning and social learning, I run a commercial elearning site based on Moodle (which is probably heresey to educational purists) that has made sufficient income to pay for itself for another year.

This blog is therefore going to be something of a mix of the above, it is my intention to write regularly about whichever of the above subjects (and probably others)  motivates me to produce a post on a given day at a given time.

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