Five Years

This has long been planned – the systematic destruction of public services in the UK was decided by think tanks like Policy Exchange before the election in 2010. The Conservatives links to big business, the banking industry & the Financial sector combined with their natural leaning towards de regulation & profit lie behind their plan to sell off or privatise as much of the public sector as they can in Five years.

Why Five years – because that is the length of this Government and the destruction needs to be complete before the next election. They know that if they lose; the incoming Government will not have the money to undo the harm they have done.

Why would you want to privatise aspects of Policing, the NHS,  & the Probation Service, to name a few?  The answer is simply because someone will make a profit meaning that the tax income the Government spends on our behalf to provide these services will eventually end up back in their pockets through share dividends & their ties with the companies making the profits through  directorships etc.

I accept that the Public sector can increase its efficiency but I do not accept that means that it needs to be sold off to the private sector so that someone can make a nice fat profit.

G4S has recently won a ten year £20o million contract to provide policing services to Lincolnshire. They will make some profit, that profit will assist their share price, shareholders will receive a dividend. Apparently the Prudential is a major shareholder of G4S shares and the current Home Secretary has shares in the Prudential – all a coincidence I am sure. Already they are discussing job cuts amongst the former police staff who were transferred across to G4S.

The recent new NHS legislation provides an even more damming example. Over 200 MP’s and Lords have an interest in private healthcare provision – no wonder they voted this into law they stand to make a profit from it.

None of these changes were stated in their pre-election manifesto & it is obvious why – they would not have been voted into a position where they could form a coalition and a Government if people knew what was planned for them.

Of course all this has been introduced using the smokescreen that is Austerity and that is how they are still getting away with it because people are naturally and rightly scared for their future prosperity and are falling for the Governments line. A line that not everyone agrees with.

What so many do not seem to realise in both the private and public sector is that it is this government that is stealing their futures from right under their noses. The safety net provided by the public services that protects our society is being slowly and steadily withdrawn – yes it is being replaced but by organisations that have a primary responsibility to their shareholders and not the public.

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