It’s a hitch!

Amazing to see Jeremy Hunt describing the G4S failure to provide sufficient security as a hitch and stating that its ok to fail on a contract.

It is not a hitch for G4S themselves who have seen their share price drop over 9% with the news of their failure spreading around the world.

I don’t think the CEO Nick Buckles see’s it as a hitch either considering his job and reputation are on the line.

I don’t think the Armed Forces see it as a hitch – having to deploy an additional 3500 to Olympics means calling up another 3500 into reserves & more importantly it means that officers who are serving in Afghanistan may have their tours extended or their leave cut short on return to fill the gaps.

I don’t think it is a hitch to the 9 police forces that have had to find additional resources to provide security cover at a range of venues around the UK.

G4S anticipate being able to replace the police officers in the next few days and have stated that they will cover the additional costs incurred.

What we do not know at present is whether they will be able to deliver the security cover they have contracted to or whether the hitch will continue throughout the Games?

If it does then the police and the Armed forces will be there to fill the gaps as they are at the moment making sure that the Games are safe and secure.

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